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McKinstry’s Market Garden

We are true to our motto: "Picked Fresh Daily."

All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables are picked fresh daily from our farmland in Chicopee and Hadley, Massachusetts.

McKinstry's Market Garden specializes in locally grown, farm-fresh produce at our seasonal roadside stand in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Known far and wide for our early sweet corn and flowers, our customers line up in long lines so not to miss out. In fact, we ship our sweet corn all over the country!

n 1908 when Willard [McKinstry] was sixteen, he bought a market wagon and began his own business. Loaded with fresh vegetables ready for market, Willard's produce was welcomed daily by residents of the area, many of whom lived in tenement houses that had no space for gardens. Willard would make his customers feel at ease, and his customers looked forward to his reliable delivery of fresh produce; his reputation as a fine market gardener and a fair businessman was developing.

Today, Willard McKinstry’s tradition lives on. Presently operated by his grandson, also named Willard, and his wife, Nicole, the farm currently operates on many acres of land throughout the Pioneer Valley. We grow practically all types of fruits and vegetables and specifically specialize in early corn and tomatoes during our New England growing season. We currently grow forty to fifty different varieties of corn, which include all yellow, all white, and mostly yellow and white.

Since we are I.P.M.-certifield, all of our crops are quality monitored on a weekly basis. We spray our crops only when called for; in fact, some never get sprayed. Consequently, you can be assured that anything that comes from our gardens is of the highest quality and nutritional value.