Fast Farm Websites

Single website results in long-term relationship and two websites

Adam Martin was working on his dad's farm, back in April of 2013. He called Montague WebWorks to re-create their website for their compost farm. Adam wanted a fresher look, and so Mik Muller of MWW got started.

The first thing he did was to suggest that the word COMPOST was in their domain name, since it was their main business. The URL was formerly MWW changed it to Business has really taken off since the new website went up.

In the intervening time, Adam purchased the farm from his dad, re-capitalized and expanded the equipment and services, and started a sub-business of renting large roll-off containers, hiring MWW to create that site for them as well.

Every other year Adam has asked us to "refresh and liven up" their main website, and so their current website, updated in April of 2017, is the third version since hiring MWW.

Adam and Mik have developed a long-term relationship over this time, with each calling or texting the other with questions about best practices on the website for advertising or email campaigns, or best uses of compost and mulch. As a result, everything is coming up roses for both of them.